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wave ring, Vintage button ring-Aphrodite-Goddess of love-sterling silver-size 8



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Vintage wavesbutton wavesring, wavesnow waveson wavessale! waves wavesPreviously waves$78. waves wavesI wavesbelieve wavesthis wavesis wavesexactly wavesthe wavessort wavesof wavesring wavesthat wavesAphrodite, wavesGoddess wavesof wavesLove waveswould waveshave wavesworn! waves wavesDramatic waveswaves wavesswirl wavesacross wavesthe wavessurface, wavesdeep wavesteals wavesare wavesbrushed wavesover waveswith wavessoft wavesiridescence, wavesdelicate wavessterling wavesprongs waveshold wavesit wavesall wavesin wavesplace.The wavesglass wavescabochon wavesin wavesthis wavesring waveswas wavesinitially wavesa wavesvintage wavesbutton. waves wavesI wavesremoved wavesthe wavesbutton wavesfrom wavesthe wavesback wavesand wavescreated wavesa wavesbezel wavesto waveshold wavesit. waves wavesThe wavesentire wavesring wavesis waveshand wavesfabricated wavesout wavesof wavessterling wavessilver. waves wavesI waveshave wavesgiven wavesthe wavessilver wavesa wavesbrushed wavesfinish wavesfor wavesadded wavessoftness.This wavesring wavesis wavesthe wavesonly wavesone wavesof wavesits waveskind, wavesI waveshaven't wavesany wavesmore wavesof wavesthe wavesbuttons. waves wavesI wavesam wavesnot wavesable wavesto wavessize wavesthis wavesring, wavesbut wavesam wavesopen wavesto waveshunting wavesfor wavessimilar wavesbuttons wavesif wavesyou wavesdesire wavesone.This wavesring wavesfits wavesa wavessize waves8 wavesUS, wavesQ wavesBritish, waves57 waves3/4 wavesFrench,18 wavesGerman, waves16 wavesJapanese, waves17 waves3/4 wavesSwiss.This wavesis wavesa wavescocktail wavessize wavesring, wavesthe wavesbutton wavesis waves18mm.Shank wavesis waves3mm waveshalf wavesround.

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