Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

leather earrings, Large Layered Leather and Wooden Laser Cut Disc Earrings



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Layered bohemianwood bohemianand bohemianleather bohemianearrings. bohemianTop bohemianlayer bohemianis bohemiana bohemianlaser bohemiancut bohemianrose bohemianflower bohemianlaid bohemianover bohemiana bohemianwood bohemiandisc. bohemian bohemianThese bohemianearrings bohemianwill bohemianadd bohemiana bohemianstatement bohemianto bohemianany bohemianoutfit. bohemianDress bohemianup bohemianor bohemiandress bohemiandown! bohemianCool bohemianand bohemianfunky!They bohemianmeasure bohemian2 bohemian1/4\u201d bohemianin bohemiandiameter. bohemianOur bohemianearrings bohemianare bohemian100% bohemianhandmade bohemianin bohemianour bohemianshop!

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