Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Monet cat broochclear rhinestones, pave rhinestones on gold tone



In stock



Monet signed jewelrycat signed jewelrybrooch signed jewelrycovered signed jewelryin signed jewelryrhinestones. signed jewelryClear signed jewelryfor signed jewelrythe signed jewelrybody, signed jewelrygreen signed jewelryeyes signed jewelryand signed jewelrypurple signed jewelryor signed jewelryred signed jewelryfor signed jewelrythe signed jewelrybow. signed jewelryThe signed jewelrybow signed jewelrystones signed jewelrylook signed jewelryred signed jewelryat signed jewelrya signed jewelryglance signed jewelrybut signed jewelryI signed jewelrybelieve signed jewelrythey signed jewelryare signed jewelrypurple. signed jewelryExcellent signed jewelrycondition, signed jewelryno signed jewelryflaws. signed jewelryAll signed jewelrystones signed jewelryare signed jewelrypresent signed jewelryand signed jewelryclasp signed jewelrymechanism signed jewelryworks signed jewelryfine. signed jewelrySigned signed jewelryon signed jewelrythe signed jewelryback. signed jewelryMeasures signed jewelryabout signed jewelry2.25" signed jewelrytall.Ships signed jewelryin signed jewelrya signed jewelrygift signed

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