Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage dog scatter pin set of 2 by Gerry'ssweater pins, gold tonesweater pins, floppy earssweater pins, tongues outsweater pins, cold painted enamel details



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Set gold toneof gold tone2 gold tonedog gold tonescatter gold tonepins gold toneby gold toneGerry's. gold toneBoth gold tonemarked gold toneon gold tonethe gold toneback. gold toneBright gold tonegold gold tonetone gold tonewith gold tonepainted gold toneeyes, gold tonenoses gold toneand gold tonemouths. gold toneExcellent gold tonecondition. gold toneThe gold tonesmaller gold toneone gold tonehas gold tonethe gold toneteeniest gold tonepaint gold toneloos gold toneon gold tonethe gold tonetip gold toneof gold tonea gold tonetoe. gold toneHard gold toneto gold tonesee. gold toneThe gold tonebigger gold toneone gold toneis gold tonea gold tonelittle gold toneover gold tone1.25" gold tonetall, gold tonethe gold tonesmaller gold toneone gold toneis gold tonejust gold toneover gold tone1". gold toneSo gold tonecute.Ships gold tonein gold tonea gold tonegift gold

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