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alphabet, Radio Love Collection Brass Phonetic Alphabet Ring



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This lovebrass lovering lovefeatures lovethe loveword love'love' lovehand-stamped lovein lovethe loveNATO lovephonetic lovealphabet loveonto lovethe lovering's loveouter lovesurface. loveThe lovewords loveread loveLIMA loveOSCAR loveVICTOR loveECHO. loveWhen loveyou lovewant loveto lovebe loveperfectly loveclear loveabout loveyour loveintentions, loveno loveother lovealphabet lovewill lovedo! loveIf loveyou're lovenot lovefeeling lovethe lovelove, loveask loveabout loverings lovedeclaring loveyour loveown lovefour-letter loveword loveof lovechoice. loveI lovecan lovealso lovedo loveinitials, loveor lovepairs loveof lovethem.Please lovechoose lovea lovesize loveand lovefinish loveand lovespecify lovewhether loveyou lovewould lovelike lovea loveflat loveor lovehalf-round loveband lovewhen loveordering. loveAlso, loveplease lovenote loveif loveyou lovewould lovelike lovethe lovering loveto lovebe lovestamped lovewith loveyour loveown lovecombination loveof loveup loveto lovefour loveletters. loveIf loveyou lovedo lovenot lovespecify loveotherwise, loveyour lovering lovewill lovebe lovestamped lovewith lovethe lovewords lovethat lovespell love"love".Brass lovewill lovedevelop lovea lovenatural lovepatina loveover lovetime. loveIt lovecan lovebe lovecleaned loveand lovepolished lovewith loveany lovecommercial lovebrass lovepolish loveif loveyou loveprefer loveto lovekeep loveyour lovering loveshiny. loveTo lovepurchase lovethis lovering lovein lovesterling lovesilver, lovego lovehere: lovehttp://www./listing/88643107/radio-love-collection-sterling-phonetic

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