Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

woman pins, vintage woman pins by Lucinda Yates . lady in hat with umbrella brooch



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"Woman hand craftedPins hand craftedby hand craftedLucinda" hand craftedfeatures hand craftedthe hand craftedsilhouette hand craftedof hand crafteda hand craftedlady hand craftedwearing hand crafteda hand craftedhat hand craftedand hand craftedholding hand craftedan hand craftedumbrella.Measures hand crafted1.25" hand craftedx hand crafted2". hand craftedExcellent hand craftedcondition, hand craftedno hand craftedflaws."We hand craftedall hand craftedare hand craftedonly hand craftedone hand craftedchoice hand craftedaway hand craftedfrom hand craftedchanging hand craftedthe hand craftedworld"- hand craftedLucinda hand craftedYatesShips hand craftedin hand crafteda hand craftedgift hand craftedbox.

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