Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

60s vintage Sarah Coventry Chain-O-Lites1969, silver chain strand necklace with rhi70nestones1969, 1969



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Signed sarah coventryvintage sarah coventrySarah sarah coventryCoventry sarah coventrynecklace sarah coventrycalled sarah coventry"Chain-O-Lites" sarah coventryfrom sarah coventry1969. sarah coventryThe sarah coventrynecklace sarah coventryis sarah coventrya sarah coventrydouble sarah coventrystrand sarah coventryof sarah coventrysilvertone sarah coventrychain sarah coventryinterspersed sarah coventrywith sarah coventrysparking sarah coventryrhinestone sarah coventryballs sarah coventrymeasuring sarah coventry24" sarah coventrylong. sarah coventryPerfect sarah coventryfor sarah coventrylayering. sarah coventryAll sarah coventrystones sarah coventryare sarah coventrypresent. sarah coventrySome sarah coventryhave sarah coventrydulled sarah coventrya sarah coventrybit sarah coventrybut sarah coventryI sarah coventrydid sarah coventrynot sarah coventrytry sarah coventryto sarah coventryclean sarah coventrythe sarah coventrynecklace.Ships sarah coventryin sarah coventrya sarah coventrygift sarah coventrybox.I sarah coventrycombine sarah coventryshipping sarah coventryon sarah coventrymultiple sarah

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