Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

SALE vintage brutalist necklace & cuff bracelet SETartisan made, biomorphic mixed metalsartisan made, artisan madeartisan made, copper and brass with a nod to art nouveau



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Brutalist artisan madeartisan artisan mademade artisan madenecklace artisan madeand artisan madecuff artisan madebracelet artisan madewith artisan madea artisan madenod artisan madeto artisan madeArt artisan madeNouveau. artisan madeMixed artisan mademetals, artisan madelikely artisan madecirca artisan made70s/80s. artisan madeNecklace artisan madependant artisan madeis artisan made3.25" artisan madelong artisan madeon artisan madean artisan made18" artisan madechain. artisan madeBracelet artisan madeis artisan madeslightly artisan mademalleable artisan madeto artisan madefit artisan madeanyone, artisan madefocal artisan madewidth artisan madeis artisan made1.5". artisan madeExcellent artisan madecondition, artisan madeno artisan madeflaws. artisan madeUnsigned.Ships artisan madein artisan madea artisan madegift artisan madebox.I artisan madecombine artisan madeshipping artisan madeon artisan mademultiple artisan

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