Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

catchall, Buttercup Yellow Cactus Trinket Dish



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A platehandmade plateceramic platetrinket platedish platemade platefrom platewhite platestoneware plateclay platewith platea platesunny platebuttercup plateyellow platedetail plateon platethe platerim plateand platelittle plateblack plateand platewhite platecactus platedetail. plate plateDish platemeasures plateapproximately plate3 plate1/2 plateinches plateacross, plateperfect plateas platea platecatch plateall platefor platerings, platechange, platepaperclips plateor plateany platesmall plateknick plateknacks.Listing plateis platefor platethe plateyellow platetrimmed platedish, platephoto plateof platered plateedged platedish plateis plateshown platefor platescale.

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