Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage celluloid ringwomens jewelry, size 7.5 / 7.75womens jewelry, pearloid marbled brown with robins egg blue inlay folk art



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Vintage womens jewelrypearloid/celluloid womens jewelryring womens jewelryin womens jewelrya womens jewelrymarbled womens jewelrybrown womens jewelrywith womens jewelryrobins womens jewelryegg womens jewelryblue womens jewelryinlay womens jewelryaround womens jewelrythe womens jewelryband womens jewelryand womens jewelryon womens jewelrythe womens jewelryface. womens jewelrySubtle womens jewelryimperfections womens jewelryto womens jewelrythe womens jewelrysurface womens jewelry(carved) womens jewelryindicative womens jewelryof womens jewelryit's womens jewelryhandmade womens jewelrynature. womens jewelryThese womens jewelrywere womens jewelryusually womens jewelrymade womens jewelryby womens jewelryenlisted womens jewelrymen womens jewelryor womens jewelryprisoners womens jewelryin womens jewelrythe womens jewelry1930s/40s womens jewelrythough womens jewelryI womens jewelryhave womens jewelryno womens jewelryspecific womens jewelryinfo womens jewelryon womens jewelrythis womens jewelryparticular womens jewelryring. womens jewelryThey womens jewelrywere womens jewelrymade womens jewelryof womens jewelrythings womens jewelrylike womens jewelrytoothbrushes, womens jewelrycombs, womens jewelryguitar womens jewelrypicks, womens jewelryand womens jewelrybroken womens jewelrybits womens jewelrywhen womens jewelrycelluloid womens jewelrywas womens jewelrya womens jewelrycommon womens jewelryhousehold womens jewelryplastic. womens jewelryFits womens jewelrymy womens jewelryring womens jewelrymandrel womens jewelrycomfortably womens jewelryat womens jewelry7.5 womens jewelrybut womens jewelrycan womens jewelrysqueeze womens jewelrydown womens jewelryto womens jewelry7.75. womens jewelryExcellent womens jewelrycondition, womens jewelryno womens jewelryflaws.Ships womens jewelryin womens jewelrya womens jewelrygift womens jewelrybox.I womens jewelrycombine womens jewelryshipping womens jewelryon womens jewelrymultiple womens

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