Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Bakelite charm braceletdangle bracelet, marbled spinach green



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Vintage marbled greencharm marbled greenbracelet marbled greenwith marbled green3 marbled greenchunky marbled greenspinach marbled greengreen marbled greenBakelite marbled greenpieces marbled green(marbled marbled greenwith marbled greenrich marbled greenyellow) marbled greenand marbled greenother marbled greengreen marbled greenbead marbled greencharms. marbled greenThey marbled greenhang marbled greenfrom marbled greena marbled greenpale marbled greengold marbled greentone marbled greenchain, marbled greencloses marbled greenwith marbled greena marbled greenfolding marbled greenclasp. marbled greenExcellent marbled greencondition. marbled greenThe marbled greenBakelite marbled greenpieces marbled greenare marbled greenabout marbled green1" marbled greeneach marbled greenand marbled greenvery marbled greenchunky/dimensional. marbled greenThe marbled greenbracelet marbled greenis marbled green7.5" marbled greenlong. marbled greenI marbled greenalways marbled greenguarantee marbled greenmy marbled greenBakelite marbled greento marbled greenbe marbled greenthe marbled greenreal marbled greendeal!Ships marbled greenin marbled greena marbled greengift marbled

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