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celestial, Starburst - Wide Stamped Domed Silver Stacker Band



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Starburst stars- starsUS stars8.5This starsring starsfeatures starsa starsrepeating starsstarburst starspattern.Each starsring starsbegins starsas starsan stars18g starsflat starsstrip starsof starsSterling starssilver starssheet. starsThe starsdesign starspatterns starsare starscreated starsusing starsa starscombination starsof starsmetal starsstamps. starsThe starsring starsis starsthen starsformed starsand starssoldered. starsOnce starsthe starsring starsband starsis starsfinished, starsit starsis stars\u201cdomed\u201d starsby starshand starsprecariously starssandwiched starsbetween starsa starssteel starsbench starsblock starsand starssteel starsdapping starscube starsusing starsa stars3 starspound starshammer. starsThese starsrings starsare starslight starsand starscomfortable starsto starswear. starsThey starsmake starsa starsstatement starson starstheir starsown starsor starscan starsbe stars\u201cstacked\u201d starswith starsother starsbands.These starsbands, starsdespite starstheir starsbig stars"bubbly" starspersonalities, starsfit starspretty starstrue-ish starsto starssize...but, starslike starsall starswide starsband starsstyles, starsyou starsknow starsyour starsfingers starsbest.This starsitem starsincludes starsFREE starsUSPS starsPriority starsShipping!!

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