Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage bow and arrow pin broochrhinestone brooch, clear rhinestones



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Cute rhinestone broochlittle rhinestone broochvintage rhinestone broochbow rhinestone broochand rhinestone broocharrow rhinestone broochpin rhinestone broochwith rhinestone broochclear rhinestone broochrhinestones rhinestone broochon rhinestone broochsilver-tone rhinestone broochmetal. rhinestone broochExcellent rhinestone broochcondition, rhinestone broochstones rhinestone broochand rhinestone broochmetal rhinestone broochare rhinestone broochclear rhinestone broochand rhinestone broochbright.Measures rhinestone brooch2" rhinestone broochlong.Ships rhinestone broochin rhinestone broocha rhinestone broochgift rhinestone broochbox.I rhinestone broochcombine rhinestone broochshipping rhinestone broochon rhinestone broochmultiple rhinestone

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