Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage monogram initial pin broochantique jewelry, T or Lantique jewelry, gold filled Victorian or Edwardian



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Antique gold filledVictorian gold filledor gold filledEdwardian gold filledletter gold filledpin gold filledin gold filledbeautiful gold filledcursive gold filledwith gold filledetched gold filledfloral gold filleddetails. gold filledExcellent gold filledcondition, gold filledno gold filledflaws. gold filledC gold filledclasp gold filledworks gold filledfine- gold filledbar gold filledsits gold filledfirmly gold filledin gold filledit. gold filledMeasures gold filled1.75" gold filledtall gold filledx gold filled2" gold filledwide. gold filledNo gold filledmarkings gold filledthat gold filledI gold filledcould gold filledfind.Ships gold filledin gold filleda gold filledgift gold filledbox.I gold filledcombine gold filledshipping!

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