Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

70s 80s vintage multi chain necklacevintage necklaces, long swag chain mixed metalsvintage necklaces, gold and silver



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Vintage mixed metalsmulti mixed metalschain mixed metalsnecklace mixed metalsin mixed metals2 mixed metalsshades mixed metalsof mixed metalsgold mixed metalswith mixed metalsbright mixed metalssilver mixed metalsbetween mixed metalsthem. mixed metalsThe mixed metalschains mixed metalsare mixed metalsbrighter mixed metalsand mixed metalssparkle mixed metalsmore mixed metalsin mixed metalsperson. mixed metalsExcellent mixed metalscondition, mixed metalsno mixed metalsflaws. mixed metalsThe mixed metalsshortest mixed metalschain mixed metalsmeasures mixed metals27" mixed metalslong.Ships mixed metalsin mixed metalsa mixed metalsgift mixed metalsbox.I mixed metalscombine mixed metalsshipping mixed metalson mixed metalsmultiple mixed

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