Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gift for her, vintage red enamel heart brooch with clear rhinestone stars



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Vintage clear rhinestonesheart clear rhinestonesbrooch clear rhinestoneswith clear rhinestoneshigh clear rhinestonesgloss clear rhinestonesred clear rhinestonesenamel clear rhinestonesand clear rhinestonesclear clear rhinestonesrhinestone clear rhinestonesstars clear rhinestonesand clear rhinestonesdots. clear rhinestones3 clear rhinestonesdimensional clear rhinestonesand clear rhinestonespuffy. clear rhinestonesExcellent clear rhinestonescondition, clear rhinestonesno clear rhinestonesflaws. clear rhinestonesMeasures clear rhinestones1.75" clear rhinestoneswide clear rhinestonesx clear rhinestones1.5" clear rhinestonestall.Ships clear rhinestonesin clear rhinestonesa clear rhinestonesgift clear rhinestonesbox.I clear rhinestonescombine clear rhinestonesshipping clear rhinestoneson clear rhinestonesmultiple clear

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