Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

large vintage medallion necklacelarge necklace, medieval knight on horselarge necklace, silver tone



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Large round necklacevintage round necklacemedallion round necklacenecklace round necklacefeaturing round necklacea round necklacemedieval round necklaceknight round necklaceon round necklacea round necklacehorse. round necklaceExcellent round necklacecondition, round necklaceno round necklaceflaws. round necklaceChain round necklaceis round necklaceno round necklaceoriginal. round necklaceThe round necklacependant round necklaceis round necklacean round necklaceimpressive round necklace2.25" round necklacewide round necklacewith round necklacea round necklacelittle round necklaceweight round necklaceto round necklaceit round necklacethough round necklaceI round necklacestill round necklacewouldn't round necklacecall round necklaceit round necklaceheavy. round necklaceThe round necklacechain round necklaceis round necklace24" round necklacelong.Ships round necklacein round necklacea round necklacegift round

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