Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cat lover gift, vintage silver cat necklace



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Vintage layering necklacesilver layering necklacetone layering necklacecat layering necklacenecklace layering necklacewith layering necklaceetched layering necklacedetails. layering necklaceCat layering necklacemeasures layering necklace1.75" layering necklacetall layering necklacex layering necklace1.5" layering necklacewide, layering necklacechain layering necklaceis layering necklace20". layering necklaceThe layering necklacecat layering necklaceis layering necklacelightweight. layering necklacePossibly layering necklacemade layering necklacein layering necklaceThailand layering necklaceand layering necklacenickel layering necklacesilver. layering necklaceI layering necklacedon't layering necklaceknow layering necklacemuch layering necklaceabout layering necklacethe layering necklacecat layering necklacebut layering necklaceI layering necklacedid layering necklaceput layering necklaceit layering necklaceon layering necklacea layering necklacenew layering necklacechain.Ships layering necklacein layering necklacea layering necklacegift layering

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