Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Set of three Memory Wire Braceletswire wrapped, Fabricwire wrapped, Mixed Mediawire wrapped, Wirewrapwire wrapped, Boho Gypsywire wrapped, Wrap Around



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Set mixed mediaof mixed mediathree mixed mediawrap mixed mediabracelets mixed mediathat mixed mediacan mixed mediabe mixed mediaworn mixed mediatogether mixed mediaor mixed mediaseparate. mixed mediaMixed mixed mediamedia mixed mediaincludes, mixed mediagemstones, mixed mediagem mixed mediachips, mixed mediaglass mixed mediabeads, mixed mediafabric mixed mediaand mixed mediawire mixed mediawrap mixed mediaportions.The mixed mediamemory mixed mediawire mixed mediamakes mixed mediathis mixed mediabracelet mixed mediaeasy mixed mediato mixed mediaput mixed mediaon mixed mediaand mixed mediacomfortable mixed mediato mixed mediawear.Shipped mixed mediawith mixed mediaa mixed media31Summers... mixed mediatag mixed mediaand mixed mediasmall mixed mediagift mixed mediabag

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