Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wire wrap, Wire wrapped woven antique bronze and copper bracelet



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Handwoven chainwire chaincenterpiece chainfinished chainwith chaincopper chainchain. chainThis chaincenter chainmedallion chainwill chaincause chainthe chainbracelet chainto chainrotate chainon chainthe chainwrist chainif chainclasped chainloose. chainThe chainchain chainon chainthe chainband chainallows chainyou chainto chainuse chainthe chainlobster chainclaw chainclasp chainanywhere chainon chainthe chainbracelet. chainMy chainsuggestion chainis chainto chainclasp chainit chaintighter chainthan chainnormal chainso chainthat chainthe chainmedallion chainstays chainon chaintop.Bracelet" chainmeasures chain7" chainwith chaina chain1" chainextender. chainThis chainlength chaincan chainbe chaincustomized chainto chainyour chainspecifications chainjust chainleave chaina chainnote chainin chainmessage chainto chainseller chainat chaincheckout.

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