Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

grey, Fabric and bead wrap bracelet or necklace



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Crocheted handmadefabric handmadeand handmadeglass handmadebeads handmadewith handmadeLove handmadecharm handmadewrap handmadebracelet handmadeor handmadeNecklace. handmadeThis handmadepiece handmadecan handmadebe handmadeworn handmadeas handmadea handmadenecklace handmadeor handmadewrapped handmadeup handmadeto handmadethree handmadetimes handmadearound handmadeyour handmadewrist! handmadeThird handmadephoto handmadeshows handmadehow handmadeit handmadewould handmadebe handmadeworn handmadeas handmadea handmadenecklace. handmadeCheck handmadethe handmadeshop handmadefor handmadematching handmadeearring.*Fabric handmadeused handmadewas handmadecut handmadefrom handmadeold handmadecurtain

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