Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

hand painted, Ceramic Focal Bead Daisy 2 Sided Statement size by Mary Harding



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This beadsTall beadsCeramic beadsFocal beadsBead beadsStatement beadssize beadsby beadsMary beadsHarding beadsis beadshandmade beadsfrom beadsstoneware beadsceramic beadsclay. beads beadsIt beadshas beadsbeen beadsfired beadsto beadsover beads2100 beadsdegrees beadsF beadsin beadsmy beadsdigitally beadscontrolled beadsceramic beadskiln. beadsSurface beads3 beadsdimensional beads beads2 beadssided beadsimage beadsis beadsof beadsa beadswild beadsdaisy beadsin beadsbloom beadsfrom beadsthe beadspastures beadsof beadsNorthern beadsNew beadsYork beadsstate. beadsBead beadsis beadsstrung beadshorizontally. beads beadsThe beadssurface beadshas beadsbeen beadsstained beadshand beadspainted.This beadsone beadsof beadsa beadskind beadsfocal beadsbead beadsmeasures beads2 beadsinches beadstall beadsand beadsabout beads5/8 beadsinches beadswide.

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