Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage art deco flapper sautoir necklaceseed bead necklace, long silver and sky blue glass seed beads



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Beautiful long necklaceart long necklacedeco long necklaceflapper long necklaceera long necklacesautoir long necklacenecklace long necklacemade long necklaceof long necklacesilver long necklaceseed long necklacebeads long necklaceand long necklacesky long necklaceblue long necklaceglass long necklacebeads long necklacethat long necklacelook long necklacehandmade. long necklaceExcellent long necklacecondition, long necklaceno long necklaceflaws. long necklaceHangs long necklace15" long necklace(30" long necklacedoubled) long necklacewith long necklacean long necklaceadditional long necklace4" long necklacedrop.Ships long necklacein long necklacea long necklacegift long necklacebox.I long necklacecombine long necklaceshipping long necklaceon long necklacemultiple long

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