Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Rustic copper bar earrings... recycled copper wirejewelry, eco-friendlyjewelry, hammered copper bar earringsjewelry, sterling silver ear wires



In stock



These jewelryrustic jewelryhammered jewelrycopper jewelrybar jewelryearrings jewelryare jewelrymade jewelryfrom jewelryrecycled jewelry10 jewelrygauge jewelrycopper jewelrywire jewelrythat jewelryis jewelryhand jewelryformed jewelryand jewelrytextured jewelryby jewelryhammering. jewelryThe jewelrycopper jewelryis jewelrydrilled jewelryat jewelrythe jewelrytop jewelryand jewelrymy jewelryown jewelry20 jewelrygauge jewelrysterling jewelrysilver jewelryear jewelrywires jewelryare jewelryadded.These jewelryare jewelrya jewelryshorter jewelryversion jewelryof jewelrymy jewelryother jewelrycopper jewelrybar jewelryearrings jewelryand jewelryare jewelryapproximately jewelry2 jewelry1/8" jewelrylong.Earrings jewelrycome jewelryon jewelrya jewelryWilly jewelryWires jewelrycard jewelryand jewelryare jewelrypackaged jewelryin jewelrya jewelrypurple jewelrykraft jewelryjewelry jewelrybox.

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