Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

costume jewelry, vintage signed Miriam Haskell necklace . cream white bead strand



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Vintage beaded necklaceMiriam beaded necklaceHaskell beaded necklacewhite beaded necklaceplastic beaded necklacebead beaded necklacestrand. beaded necklaceThe beaded necklacenecklace beaded necklaceis beaded necklacein beaded necklaceexcellent beaded necklacecondition beaded necklacewith beaded necklaceit's beaded necklaceoriginal beaded necklacesigned beaded necklacetag beaded necklaceand beaded necklacesigned beaded necklaceclasp. beaded necklaceWhile beaded necklacethe beaded necklacebeads beaded necklaceare beaded necklacewhite, beaded necklacethey beaded necklacedo beaded necklacehave beaded necklacethe beaded necklacefaintest beaded necklacehint beaded necklaceof beaded necklacea beaded necklacegreen beaded necklaceor beaded necklaceyellow beaded necklacehue. beaded necklaceThe beaded necklacevery beaded necklacecenter beaded necklaceof beaded necklacethe beaded necklacenecklace beaded necklacehas beaded necklace3 beaded necklacespacer beaded necklacebeads beaded necklacein beaded necklacea beaded necklacerow beaded necklaceas beaded necklaceopposed beaded necklaceto beaded necklacethe beaded necklacetypical beaded necklaceone beaded necklacespacer, beaded necklacethen beaded necklacea beaded necklacewhite beaded necklacebead, beaded necklaceetc. beaded necklaceThis beaded necklaceleads beaded necklaceme beaded necklaceto beaded necklacebelieve beaded necklacea beaded necklacebead beaded necklacehas beaded necklacebroken beaded necklaceoff, beaded necklacealthough beaded necklacethe beaded necklacebeads beaded necklaceare beaded necklacetightly beaded necklacestrung. beaded necklaceThe beaded necklacestrand beaded necklacemeasures beaded necklace28" beaded necklacelong.Ships beaded necklacein beaded necklacea beaded necklacegift beaded necklacebox.Vintage beaded necklacejewelry:https://www./shop/aorta?section_id=14198588I beaded necklacecombine beaded necklaceshipping beaded necklaceon beaded necklacemultiple beaded necklaceitems.

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