Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage Monet broochvintage monet brooch, abstract slash dagger in cream and black enamel on bright gold



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Vintage gift ideaMonet gift ideabrooch, gift ideasigned gift ideaon gift ideathe gift ideaback. gift ideaThe gift ideadesign gift ideais gift ideaan gift ideaabstract gift ideaslash gift ideaor gift ideadagger gift ideawith gift ideacream gift ideaand gift ideablack gift ideaenamel gift ideaon gift ideabright gift ideagold. gift ideaExcellent gift ideacondition, gift ideano gift ideaflaws. gift ideaMeasures gift idea3" gift idealong. gift ideaShips gift ideain gift ideaa gift ideagift gift ideabox.I gift ideacombine gift ideashipping gift ideaon gift ideamultiple gift

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