Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage choker or collar necklaceyellow gold, bright yellow gold with mirror shiny finish



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Vintage vintage necklaceschoker vintage necklacesor vintage necklacescollar vintage necklacesnecklace vintage necklacesin vintage necklacesa vintage necklacesbright, vintage necklacesshiny vintage necklacesyellow vintage necklacesgold vintage necklacesfinish. vintage necklacesExcellent vintage necklacescondition vintage necklaceswith vintage necklacesno vintage necklacesissues. vintage necklacesMeasures vintage necklacesabout vintage necklaces1" vintage necklaceswide vintage necklacesand vintage necklacesfits vintage necklacesup vintage necklacesto vintage necklaces14.25". vintage necklacesNot vintage necklacesa vintage necklacestypo, vintage necklacesthis vintage necklacesis vintage necklacesa vintage necklaceslittle vintage necklacesshorter vintage necklacesthan vintage necklacesthese vintage necklacesnecklaces vintage necklacesusually vintage necklacesrun.Ships vintage necklacesin vintage necklacesa vintage necklacesgift vintage

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