Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage flourite necklacesilver tube bead, purple gemstone chips and silver tube bead strandsilver tube bead, like amethyst



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I crystal strandwant crystal strandto crystal strandstart crystal strandby crystal strandsaying crystal strandthe crystal strandcolor crystal strandis crystal strand*juicier* crystal strandin crystal strandcolor. crystal strandThe crystal strandpurple crystal strandis crystal strandsaturated, crystal strandvibrant crystal strandand crystal strandso crystal strandpretty. crystal strandPurple crystal strandchip crystal strandbeads crystal strandmixed crystal strandwith crystal strandsilver crystal strandtube crystal strandbeads. crystal strandI crystal strandassume crystal strandthe crystal strandpurple crystal strandis crystal strandflourite crystal strandby crystal strandits crystal strandrich crystal strandcolor. crystal strandIt crystal strandseems crystal stranddeeper crystal strandthan crystal strandamethyst, crystal strandtho crystal strandI crystal strandcould crystal strandbe crystal strandwrong. crystal strandBeautiful crystal strandnecklace crystal strandeither crystal strandway. crystal strandMeasures crystal strand24" crystal strandlong. crystal strandWould crystal strandlook crystal strandgreat crystal strandlayered crystal strandwith crystal strandmore crystal strandnecklaces!

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