Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage boho brass necklaceboho brass necklace, Mary Ellen Stewartboho brass necklace, rustic statement necklace



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Vintage raw elementsnecklace raw elementsmade raw elementsmostly raw elementsof raw elementsbrass raw elementson raw elementsleather raw elementscord. raw elementsThe raw elementsnecklace raw elementsfeatures raw elementsvery raw elementslarge raw elementspieces raw elementsof raw elementsbrass raw elementsfolded raw elementsover raw elementswith raw elementsbeads raw elementsbetween raw elementsthem raw elementsand raw elementsstacked raw elementsheishi raw elementsstyle raw elementsbrass raw elementswashers raw elementstoward raw elementsthe raw elementsback. raw elementsThere raw elementsis raw elementsno raw elementstrue raw elements*underside* raw elementsto raw elementsthe raw elementsnecklace raw elementsand raw elementsyou raw elementscan raw elementshave raw elementsthe raw elementsbrass raw elementspieces raw elementspoint raw elementsin raw elementswhichever raw elementsdirection raw elementsyou raw elementsprefer. raw elementsBrass raw elementspieces raw elementsshow raw elementsvarying raw elementspatina, raw elementssee raw elementsall raw elementsphotos. raw elementsIt raw elementsis raw elementsraw, raw elementsuntreated raw elementsbrass raw elementsfor raw elementsan raw elementsindustrial raw elementsboho raw elementslook. raw elementsMeasures raw elements23" raw elementslong. raw elementsEach raw elementsbrass raw elementspiece raw elementsis raw elementsabout raw elements1.5" raw elementswide raw elementsand raw elements2.25" raw elementstall. raw elementsChunky!

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