Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

star ring, Antique Spoon Ring | c 1893-1923 | Sterling Silver | Sz 9 1/4



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I antique ringhaven\u2019t antique ringfound antique ringmuch antique ringon antique ringthis antique ringone antique ringbut antique ringit antique ringwas antique ringtoo antique ringsweet antique ringto antique ringpass antique ringup.The antique ringbest antique ringfeature antique ringis antique ringthe antique ringline antique ringof antique ringstars antique ringthat antique ringline antique ringthe antique ringlower antique ringband!- antique ringMfg: antique ringShepard antique ringMfg antique ringCo- antique ringSz antique ring9 antique ring1/4Thank antique ringyou!

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