Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold ring, Beautiful Adjustable AD Ring/ Statement Jewelry/ 1 Large Ring/ AD Ring/ Gold Plated Ring/ Statement Jewelry



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Beautiful ringAD ringRing/ ringStatement ringJewelry/ ringLarge ringRing/ ringAD ringRing/ ringGold ringPlated ringRing/ ringStatement ringJewelryPacked ringin ringa ringnice ringbox ringwith ringcotton ringlining, ringBest ringfor ringgifting ringto ringloved ringones..A ringpersonal ringnote ringfor ringyour ringloved ringones ringcan ringbe ringadded.*Since ringthis ringis ring100% ringHandmade ringjewelry. ringSo ringColor, ringshades, ringtexture ringdisplayed ringmay ringslightly ringvary ringfrom ringthe ringactual ringproduct ringdue ringto ringdigital ringimage ringlimitations. ringWe ringrequest ringyou ringto ringconsider ringthese ringminor ringvariations. ringPlease ringexpect ringthe ringpossibility ringof ringsome ringslight ringimperfections ringwhen ringbuying ringhand ringmade ringjewelry. ringIf ringyou ringhave ringany ringquestions, ringplease ringmessage ringor ringemail ringus.

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