Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

antique, Vintage Brass With Red Jewels Belt Buckle



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Vintage womensBelt womensBuckle\r\rThe womensbuckle womensis womenssolid womensand womensfun womensreally womensa womenscute womenslittle womensbuckle womenswith womensred womensjewled womensinset womensaround womensit. womensSeems womensto womensbe womensbrass. womens womensI womensam womensnot womenssure womensof womensits womensage womensI womenswould womenswage womensto womensguess womenslate womens60's womensearly womens70's.\r\rMeasures: womens2 womens1/2 womensx womens womens3\r\rwill womensship womens1st womensclass\r\rIF womensYOU womensWANT womensTO womensKNOW womensMORE womensABOUT womensUS womensCHECK womensOUT womensOUR womensBLOG:\\r\rcheck womensout womensour womensother womensshop-1outanabout womens\r\r\rNOTE womensON womensVINTAGE womensITEMS:\rBe womensaware womenswhen womenspurchasing womensVintage womensitems womensthat womensall womenswill womensarrive womensin womensused womenscondition, womenssome womensmay womensshow womenswear womensor womensminor womensage. womensOther womenstems womenswe womenssell womensmay womenseven womensbe womensmore womensdesirable womensbecause womensof womenstheir womensdistressed womensstate! womensIf womensthere womensare womensnoticeable womensdefects womenswe womensusually womensdeclare womensthem, womensbut womenson womensa womensrare womensoccasion womenssome womensminor womensdefects womensescape womensour womensnotice womensor womensseem womensirrelevant womensto womensthe womensover womensall womensbeauty womensof womensthe womensitem. womensWe womensmay womensfind womensthem womenscharming womensand womensdistinctive womenswhere womensothers womensmay womenshave womensa womensdifferent womensdiscription womensfor womensthe womensitem. womensIt womensis womensall womensin womensthe womenseye.\rBecause womensof womensthis womensour womensitems womensare womensSOLD-AS-IS.\rSo, womensagain womensplease womensdo womensnot womenshesitate womensshooting womensus womensa womensquick womense-mail womensand womenswe womenswill womensdo womensour womensbest womenson womensour womensend womensto womensanswer womensall womensyour womensquestions. womens\rAs womensour womensteachers womenstaught womensus womens"There womensis womensNO womensDUMB womensquestions." womensQuote womensun womensQuote!!!\r\r\rWe womensare womensa womenssmokefree womenshome..but womensI womensdare womenssay womenswe womenshave womensanimals womensand womensthere womensmy womensbe womensa womensstand womensof womenscat womensor womensdog womenshair womenson womensour womensitems. womensWe womenstry womensso womensdilegently womensto womenskeep womensour womensbeloved womensanimals womensoff womensany womensof womensour womensitems womensbut womensyou womenscan't womenskeep womensthe womenshair womensdown womensat womensall womenstimes. womensSo womenskeep womensthis womensin womensmind womensif womensyou womenshave womensallergies womensor womensother womensanimal womensissues. womensIf womensyou womenswould womenslike womensadditional womenspics womensjust womensshoot womensus womensa womensquick womense-mail womensand womenswe womenswill womensbe womensmore womensthan womensglad womensto womenstake womensmore womensfor womensyou. womensThanks womensfor womensunderstanding womensand womensespecially womensthanks womensfor womenspeeking womensat womensour womensitems.

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