Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mid century, chunky vintage Hawaiian nut and seed charm bracelet



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Vintage 70s bohemianHawaiian 70s bohemiancharm 70s bohemianbracelet 70s bohemianfeaturing 70s bohemianvarious 70s bohemiandried 70s bohemiannuts 70s bohemianand 70s bohemianseeds. 70s bohemianSuper 70s bohemiancool 70s bohemianpiece. 70s bohemianExcellent 70s bohemiancondition, 70s bohemianno 70s bohemianflaws. 70s bohemianCharms 70s bohemianmeasure 70s bohemianup 70s bohemianto 70s bohemian1.5". 70s bohemianThe 70s bohemianbracelet 70s bohemianis 70s bohemian7.25" 70s bohemianlong. 70s bohemianShown 70s bohemianon 70s bohemiana 70s bohemian6" 70s bohemianwrist. 70s bohemianMeant 70s bohemianto 70s bohemianfit 70s bohemianloose!Ships 70s bohemianin 70s bohemiana 70s bohemiangift 70s bohemianbox.I 70s bohemiancombine 70s bohemianshipping 70s bohemianon 70s bohemianmultiple 70s

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