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lapel pin, 80s vintage enamel butterfly pin brooch - gold & pastel shimmer



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Vintage pastel butterfly1980s pastel butterflybutterfly pastel butterflypin pastel butterflybrooch. pastel butterflyPastel pastel butterflyenamel pastel butterflywith pastel butterflya pastel butterflyshimmery pastel butterflyswirl pastel butterflyagainst pastel butterflya pastel butterflybright pastel butterflygold pastel butterflymetal. pastel butterflyExcellent pastel butterflycondition, pastel butterflyno pastel butterflyflaws. pastel butterflyMeasures pastel butterfly1.5" pastel butterflyx pastel butterfly1.25".Ships pastel butterflyin pastel butterflya pastel butterflygift pastel butterflybox.I pastel butterflycombine pastel butterflyshipping pastel butterflyon pastel butterflymultiple pastel

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