Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red velvet lined heart shaped boxjewelry storage, ring and jewelry keepsake dishjewelry storage, gold tone with floral designjewelry storage, made in Japan



In stock



Vintage jewelry storagered jewelry storagevelvet jewelry storagelined jewelry storagejewelry jewelry storagebox jewelry storageshaped jewelry storagelike jewelry storagea jewelry storageheart. jewelry storagePale jewelry storagegold jewelry storagetone jewelry storageexterior, jewelry storagemade jewelry storagein jewelry storageJapan. jewelry storageShows jewelry storagevery jewelry storagefaint jewelry storagewear jewelry storageon jewelry storagesome jewelry storageof jewelry storagethe jewelry storageedges jewelry storageof jewelry storagethe jewelry storageflowers jewelry storageand jewelry storagefeet jewelry storagebut jewelry storageoverall jewelry storagestill jewelry storageexcellent jewelry storagecondition. jewelry storageMeasures jewelry storage3.5" jewelry storagewide jewelry storageand jewelry storageabout jewelry storage1.75" jewelry storagetall jewelry storageincluding jewelry storagethe jewelry storagefeet. jewelry storageInterior jewelry storageis jewelry storageabout jewelry storage1" jewelry

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