Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage wood & celluloid cameo brooch . wooden heart pinvintage brooches, souvenir from Seattle Washington



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Vintage vintage brooches40s/50s vintage broochesbrooch vintage broochesmade vintage broochesof vintage broocheswood vintage broochesand vintage broochescelluloid. vintage broochesThe vintage broochesbar vintage broochesreads vintage broochesSeattle vintage broochesWash vintage broocheswith vintage broochesa vintage broochescameo vintage broochesmounted vintage broochesto vintage broochesa vintage broochesheart vintage broochesdangling vintage broochesbelow vintage broochesit. vintage broochesExcellent vintage broochescondition, vintage broochesno vintage broochesissues vintage broochesto vintage broochesnote. vintage broochesMeasures vintage brooches1.5" vintage broocheswide vintage broochesx vintage brooches2" vintage broochestall. vintage broochesShips vintage broochesin vintage broochesa vintage broochesgift vintage broochesbox.I vintage broochescombine vintage broochesshipping vintage broocheson vintage broochesmultiple vintage

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