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antique, Old Original Perfect 8k Gold Rose Cut Diamond Decorated Islamic For Lady Ring



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ANTIQUE victorian goldORIGINAL victorian goldPERFECT victorian gold8K victorian goldGOLD victorian goldROSE victorian goldCUT victorian goldDIAMOND victorian goldDECORATED victorian goldPRETTY victorian goldRINGIn victorian goldvery victorian goldgood victorian goldcondition....Total victorian goldweight victorian gold5.7 victorian goldgrams...Dimention victorian goldis victorian golddiamond victorian goldabout victorian goldtotally victorian gold0.15 victorian goldcarat...Clearity victorian goldis victorian golddiamond victorian goldG-H victorian goldcolor victorian goldand victorian goldvs-s1...Size victorian goldof victorian goldring victorian goldus victorian gold7 victorian gold...We victorian goldcan victorian goldmade victorian goldany victorian goldsize victorian gold...Please victorian goldcontact victorian goldfor victorian goldany victorian goldquestions....

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