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faux leather, Faux Leather Pineapple Raindrop Earrings



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Super faux leathercute faux leatherfaux faux leatherleather faux leatherraindrop faux leatherearrings!Earrings faux leathermeasure faux leather1.79"h faux leatherby faux leather1.4"w, faux leatherare faux leatherattached faux leatherto faux leatheran faux leatherantique faux leatherbronze faux leatherearring faux leatherhook, faux leatherare faux leathernickel-free, faux leatherand faux leatherhave faux leatherplastic faux leatherearring faux leatherbacks.**Note: faux leatherPlease faux leatherbe faux leatheraware faux leatherthat faux leatherpattern faux leatherplacement faux leathermay faux leathervary. faux leather faux leatherThere faux leatheralso faux leathermay faux leatherbe faux leathera faux leatherslight faux leathervariation faux leatherin faux leathershade faux leather& faux leathercolor faux leatherdue faux leatherto faux leatherthe faux leathermonitor faux leatheryou faux leatherare faux leatherview faux leatherthe faux leatherpicture faux leatheron.

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