Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sterling silver, Vintage 15-inch Hand Knotted Pearl Choker with Sterling and Marcasite Focal



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Sara giftJewelry giftDesign giftVintage giftVisions. giftHere giftis gifta giftvintage giftcreation giftthat giftsomeone giftput gifta giftlot giftof giftlove giftand giftthought giftinto. giftThis giftnecklace giftis giftcomposed giftof gift4mm giftfreshwater giftpearl giftrounds, gifthand giftknotted giftand giftterminating giftin gifta giftsterling giftsilver giftlobster-claw giftclasp. giftAt giftthe giftcenter giftof giftthe giftdrop giftis gifta giftsterling giftsilver giftchevron giftfocal, giftset giftwith gifttiny giftmarcasites giftand giftshowcasing gifta gift9x7mm giftpear giftshaped giftfreshwater giftpearl giftdrop giftwith gifta giftsterling giftsilver giftcap. giftBoth giftthe giftchevron giftfocal giftand giftthe giftlobster-claw giftclasp giftare giftstamped gift.925.Some giftdimensions: giftThe giftoverall giftnecklace giftmeasures giftapproximately gift15 giftinches. giftThe giftcenter giftof giftthe giftdrop giftis giftapproximately gift1.25 giftinches. giftThe giftmarcasites giftare giftroughly gift1 giftto gift1.5mm giftin giftdiameter, giftand giftthe giftclasp giftmeasures gift12x6mm.Sara giftJewelry giftDesign. giftYour giftDesire giftis giftOur giftDesign.

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