Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pre columbian, vintage Mayan Aztec face necklace on long chain with beaded fringe



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Vintage pre columbianMayan pre columbian/ pre columbianAztec pre columbianface pre columbiannecklace. pre columbianGold pre columbiantone pre columbianmetal pre columbianfocal pre columbianmight pre columbianbe pre columbianpewter. pre columbianWood pre columbianbeads pre columbianin pre columbianthree pre columbianshades pre columbianof pre columbianpink. pre columbianGreat pre columbiancondition pre columbianbut pre columbian2 pre columbianbeads pre columbianare pre columbianmissing. pre columbianNo pre columbianother pre columbianflaws. pre columbianSuch pre columbiana pre columbianneat pre columbianpiece! pre columbianThe pre columbianface pre columbianmeasures pre columbianup pre columbianto pre columbian2.5" pre columbianwide, pre columbianwith pre columbianthe pre columbianbead pre columbianfringe pre columbianit pre columbianis pre columbian3.75" pre columbianlong. pre columbianThe pre columbianchain pre columbianis pre columbian30" pre columbianlong. pre columbianThe pre columbiannecklace pre columbianis pre columbiannot pre columbianheavy.Ships pre columbianin pre columbiana pre columbiangift pre

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