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Large Mod Sarah COVENTRY Vintage 60's Enameled FLORAL Setlarge flower brooch, Signed 70’s Enamel FLOWER Pin and Earrings



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This enameled flowerbrooch enameled flowerand enameled flowerearrings enameled flowerset enameled floweris enameled flowerfrom enameled flowerthe enameled flowerPSYCHEDELIC enameled flowerera enameled flowerof enameled flowerthe enameled flower1960's enameled floweror enameled flowerearly enameled flower1970's. enameled flowerA enameled flowergreat enameled flowerflower enameled flowerpower enameled floweror enameled flowerhippie enameled flowerbrooch enameled floweris enameled flowersilver enameled flowerwith enameled flowerwhite enameled flowerenamel! enameled flowerIn enameled flowermint enameled flowercondition!All enameled flowerpieces enameled flowerare enameled flowersigned enameled floweron enameled flowerthe enameled flowerback enameled flower\u201cSarah enameled flowerCoventry.\u201d enameled flowerThe enameled flowerearrings enameled flowerare enameled flower1.5\u201d enameled flowerin enameled flowerdiameter, enameled flowerthe enameled flowerclip enameled flowerback enameled floweris enameled flowertight. enameled flowerPin enameled flowerback enameled floweris enameled floweralso enameled flowergood. enameled flowerMeasures enameled flower2.5\u201d enameled flowerdiameter.Like enameled flowerthis enameled floweritem enameled flowerand enameled flowerlooking enameled flowerfor enameled flowermore enameled flowerlike enameled flowerit? enameled flowerAre enameled floweryou enameled flowera enameled flowerdealer enameled flowerand enameled flowerwant enameled flowerto enameled flowerbuy enameled flowerin enameled flowerquantity? enameled flowerCheck enameled flowerout enameled flowerour enameled flowernew enameled flowerstore enameled floweron enameled floweretsy enameled flowerfor enameled flowerwholesale enameled flowervintage enameled flowerpurchasing:http://www./shop/truevintagewholesale

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