Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

40 silver Round pendant traysresin tray, 25mm (1 inch) shiny silver pendant traysresin tray, Bezel Settings charm base



In stock



I jewelryship jewelrydaily jewelryfrom jewelrythe jewelryUSA jewelryMonday jewelrythrough jewelryFriday. jewelry jewelry40 jewelry25mm jewelry(1 jewelryinch) jewelrysilver jewelrytone jewelrypendant jewelrytrays, jewelryBezel jewelrySettings.I jewelryfound jewelrya jewelrynew jewelrysupplier jewelryfor jewelrythese jewelryPERFECT jewelrypendant jewelrytrays!! jewelryThese jewelryare jewelrythe jewelryperfect jewelrybezel jewelrypendant jewelrysettings jewelryfor jewelryglass, jewelrycabochons, jewelryresin, jewelrypolymer jewelryclay jewelryor jewelrycabs. jewelryThey jewelryare jewelryheavy jewelryduty jewelryand jewelrydo jewelrynot jewelryflex jewelryor jewelrybend jewelryat jewelryall.They jewelryhave jewelrya jewelryflawless jewelryfinish jewelryand jewelryare jewelrysome jewelryof jewelrythe jewelrynicest jewelrybezels jewelryI jewelryhave jewelryseen! jewelryThe jewelryedges jewelryare jewelryperfectly jewelryround jewelry& jewelryfinished jewelrysmoothly.The jewelryinside jewelrymeasures jewelry25x25mm jewelryand jewelryis jewelrycompletely jewelrysealed jewelryin jewelrycase jewelryyou jewelryuse jewelrya jewelryliquid jewelryglaze.

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