Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver and black, Vintage French Earrings ~ Chic Silvertone & Black Rope Effect ~ Clip On ~ 1980s Ear Clips ~ original rubber pads



In stock



Fabulous jewelryVintage jewelryFrench jewelryearrings, jewelry jewelry1980s jewelryFrench jewelryclip-on jewelryin jewelrysilver-tone jewelryand jewelryblack jewelryrope jewelryeffect, jewelrywith jewelryoriginal jewelryrubber jewelrycomfort jewelrypads.Very jewelrychic, jewelryvery jewelryFrench, jewelryvery jewelry1980s!1 jewelryinch jewelrydiameter jewelry- jewelrygood jewelryconditionWill jewelrygo jewelryFREEPOST jewelryfrom jewelryFrance jewelryby jewelrysimple jewelryletterpost, jewelryno jewelrytracking; jewelry jewelryIf jewelryyou jewelrywant jewelrytracking, jewelryjust jewelryask jewelry- jewelrythere jewelryis jewelryan jewelryadditional jewelrysmall jewelryfee.Proof jewelryof jewelryposting jewelryalways jewelryobtainedthanks jewelryfor jewelryyour jewelrytime!11896/c14/100

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