Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

20 square antiqued silver bezels for 1 inch Square cabochonssquare bezel, Pendant Tray Blankssquare bezel, silver bezelsquare bezel, charm basesquare bezel, charm blanksquare bezel, square bezel



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You beaded edgewill beaded edgereceive beaded edge20 beaded edgesquare beaded edgeantiqued beaded edgesilver beaded edgebezels beaded edgefor beaded edge1 beaded edgeinch beaded edge(25mm) beaded edgeSquare beaded edgecabochons. beaded edge beaded edgeThese beaded edgependant beaded edgeTray beaded edgeBlanks beaded edgehave beaded edgea beaded edgebeaded beaded edgeedge beaded edgeand beaded edgeare beaded edgevery beaded edgenice. beaded edge beaded edgeAntiqued beaded edgesilver beaded edgebezel, beaded edgecharm beaded edgebase, beaded edgecharm beaded edgeblank, beaded edgesquare beaded edgebezelQuality beaded edgesquare beaded edgesilver beaded edgetone beaded edgependant beaded edgetray beaded edgesettings beaded edgethat beaded edgehold beaded edgea beaded edge1 beaded edgeinch beaded edge(25mm) beaded edgecabochon. beaded edge beaded edgeThey beaded edgeare beaded edgecompletely beaded edgesealed, beaded edgeso beaded edgeare beaded edgeperfect beaded edgefor beaded edgeusing beaded edgepourable beaded edgeresin beaded edgeor beaded edgeglaze. beaded edge beaded edgeMy beaded edgeglass beaded edgedomes beaded edgeand beaded edgeepoxy beaded edgeseals beaded edgeare beaded edgea beaded edgeperfect beaded edgefit beaded edgefor beaded edgethese beaded edgetrays.Superior beaded edgequalityMaterial: beaded edge beaded edgeZinc beaded edgealloy, beaded edgelead-free beaded edgeand beaded edgenickel-freeAntiqued beaded edgesilver beaded edgetone beaded edgefinishAttached beaded edgebail: beaded edge beaded edgeHole beaded edgeis beaded edgeapproximately beaded edge4x6mmInner beaded edgediameter: beaded edge1 beaded edgeinch beaded edgesquare, beaded edge(25x25mm)Sturdy, beaded edgewill beaded edgenot beaded edgebend beaded edgeor beaded edgewarp

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