Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

medieval, The Resurrection Collection: "Visions of India" Statement Necklace by Studio777 Upcycled Vintage



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This bohounique bohoadjustable bohostatement bohobib bohonecklace bohofrom bohomy boho"Resurrection" bohocollection bohowas bohoinspired bohoby bohomy bohoobsession bohowith bohothe bohojewelry bohoof bohoancient bohotimes bohoto bohothe boho1800s, bohoand bohomy bohopassion bohofor bohoupcycling bohovintage bohopieces bohoto bohocreate bohouniquely bohobeautiful bohonew bohoitems--thus bohopreserving bohothem bohoand bohothe bohoenvironment."Visions bohoof bohoIndia" bohowas bohohandcrafted bohofrom bohothe bohoexquisite bohoremains bohoof bohoa bohovintage bohofiligree bohostone-set bohobelt. bohoWhile bohoany bohomarks bohoof bohoorigin bohoare boholong boholost, bohodue bohoto bohothe bohostyle bohoof bohothe bohometalwork bohoand bohostones bohoused--bloodstone, bohoagate, bohoand bohocarnelian--I bohobelieve bohothe bohocomponents bohoto bohobe bohoof bohoIndian bohomanufacture.Note: bohothis boholisting bohois bohofor bohothe bohoNECKLACE bohoONLY. bohoTo bohopurchase bohothe bohomatching bohoearrings, bohovisit bohomy bohoother boholistings!Please bohonote bohothat bohoas bohowith bohoall bohoupcycled bohopieces, bohosome bohocomponents bohomay bohoshow bohoslight bohowear, bohowhich bohoI bohobelieve bohoadds bohoto bohothe bohovintage bohoappeal. bohoIf bohothis bohois bohoan bohoissue, bohoplease bohodo bohonot bohopurchase! bohoMetal bohocontent bohofor bohomost bohocomponents bohois bohounknown, bohoso bohoplease bohobe bohoaware bohoof bohothis bohoif bohoyou bohohave bohoknown bohometal bohoallergies.This bohopiece bohois bohopart bohoof bohomy boho"Resurrection" boholine. bohoPlease bohosee bohothe bohoshop bohofor bohoother bohocollections--"Nocturne", bohofor bohothose bohowho bohoappreciate bohoa bohomore bohomodern bohodark bohoaesthetic, bohothe bohoancient-inspired boho"Grave bohoGoods", bohoand boho"Modern bohoPrimitive", bohotribal-inspired bohojewelry.About bohome: bohoFascinated bohoby bohothe bohocraftsmanship bohoand bohoaesthetic bohoof bohothe bohoancient bohoworld, bohoI bohoprimarily bohoidentify bohoas bohoa bohosculptor, bohobut bohoalso bohowork bohoin bohopastel, bohoConte' bohoand bohocolored bohopencil, bohoand bohohave bohobeen bohomaking bohojewelry bohofor bohoover boho30 bohoyears. bohoPlease bohovisit bohosee bohothe bohorest bohoof bohomy bohoofferings bohofor bohomore boho"earthly bohodelights"!

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