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old, Antique Silver Berber Coin Pendant from Morocco 1313 Islamic calender



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Moroccan antiqueantique antiquesilver antiqueberber antiquecoin antiquependants. antiqueFrom antiquethe antiqueIslamic antiqueyear antique1313 antiquewhich antiqueis antiqueequivalent antiqueto antique1896 antiqueour antiquecalendar antiqueyear. antiqueThe antiquecoin antiqueis antiquemade antiqueof antique80 antique% antiquesilver antiquethe antiquerest antiqueis antiquehigh antiquegrade antiquesilver.Heavy antiquependant. antiqueVery antiqueworn antiqueand antiquesmooth antiquefrom antiquemany antiqueyears antiqueof antiquewear.Width antique: antique3,2 antiquecm antique(1,2 antiqueinches) antiqueLength antique: antique5 antiquecm antique(2 antiqueinches) antiqueWeight antique: antique16,7 antiqueg

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