Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

beads, Bright blue MK-Pearl Collier



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All beadsprices beadsare beadstotal beadsprices; beadsNo beadsVAT beadscard beadsas beadssmall beadsbusiness beadsowners.For beadscollective beadsorders beadsplease beadsnote beadson beadsthe beadsShop beadshome beadspage!Collier beadsmade beadsof beads12mm beadslarge, beadsbright beadsblue beadsshell beadsseed beadsbeads.The beadsstandoff beadswas beadsthe beadssilver beadscolored beadsRocailles.Length beadsincluding beadsclosure: beads43 beadscmThe beadsstrong beadsmagnetic beadsclosure beadsin beadsball beadsshape beadsis beadshalf beadssilver-colored-matte beadsin beadsthe beadsother beadshalf.**!!! beadsMagnetic beadsclosures beadsare beadsnot beadssuitable beadsfor beadspeople beadswith beadspacemakers!!! beads**!!! beadsPlease beadsnote beadsthe beadsdimensions-low beadscolor beadsdeviations beadsare beadspossible beadsas beadsa beadsresult beadsof beadsdifferent beadsscreen beadsresolutions!!!I beadsassume beadsthe beadsname beadsof beadsthe beadsmaterial beadsfrom beadsmy beadspurchasing beadssources-I beadscannot beadsgive beadsa beadsguarantee, beadssince beadsI beadsam beadsneither beadsa beadsjeweller beadsnor beadsa beadsmineralogist.

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