Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

tiger eyes, Mala Tiger eye balls Buddha gemstones 116b



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Tiger chainEye chainMalaA chainbeautiful chain"tiger chainEyes" chainstone chainmala chainwith chain108 chainbeads chainof chainpolished chainballs.This chainmala chainis chainsuitable chainfor chainpracticing chainand chainthus chainhas chain108 chainpearls chainplus chainthe chainGuru chainPearl.The chaindistance chainbetween chainthe chainbeads chaincan chainbe chainfreely chainformed chainbecause chainthe chainSch\u00fctzerknoten chainis chainfreely chainmovable.A chainfine chainhand chainwork chainfrom chainNepal's chainworkshopsWeight: chain90 chaing. chain\u2022 chainEntire chainlength: chain88 chaincm chain\u2022 chainDiameter chainof chainballs: chain0.8 chaincm chain\u2022 chain116b

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