Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

round, Alexanderite Lab- Created Ring (Color Changing)



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This roundColor roundChanging roundAlexandrite roundset roundin round14k roundwhite roundgold.This roundgem roundcan roundput round roundin round14k roundrose roundor roundyellow roundgold roundas roundwell.It roundis roundquite roundunique roundsetting roundand roundreally roundshows roundoff roundthe roundgem, roundperfectly! round roundYou roundwill roundnotice roundin roundthe roundlast roundphoto roundand roundthe roundmodel roundof roundthe roundnew roundsetting roundstyle roundthat roundfits roundperfectly roundwith roundthis roundLovely roundPurple roundAlexandrite..Measures round16-16.5mm roundand roundweights round18ct.This roundAlexandrite rounddoes roundactively roundchange roundcolor roundfrom roundpurple roundto roundmauve.The roundsetting roundcan roundalso roundbe roundin roundsterling roundsilver roundfor round$289.00 roundplus roundshipping.Layaway roundavailable.

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