Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pins, New World 29 Pin



In stock



"New jewelryWorld jewelry29" jewelryis jewelryfitted jewelrywith jewelrya jewelrytie jewelrytack jewelrypin. jewelry(photo jewelryshows jewelrytypical jewelrytie jewelrytack jewelrypin jewelryinstallation jewelryon jewelryback jewelryof jewelrypin)Crafted jewelryfrom jewelrya jewelrypalette jewelryof jewelrydozens jewelryof jewelrycolors jewelryof jewelrypolymer jewelryclay, jewelryblended jewelryand jewelrylayered jewelryfor jewelrydimensionality jewelryand jewelrycontrastEach jewelrypiece jewelryis jewelrygiven jewelrya jewelrydistinctive jewelryname, jewelryand jewelrythis jewelryone jewelryis jewelrypart jewelryof jewelrymy jewelry"New jewelryWorld" jewelryseries, jewelryrepresenting jewelrymy jewelryinterpretations jewelryof jewelryworlds jewelrybeyond jewelryour jewelryown.Dimensions: jewelry1.5" jewelryby jewelry2" jewelryoval jewelrypolymer jewelryclay jewelrydisk

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